Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Owl Is Back

owl 001


I was hanging clothes on the line and this owl flew out of the tree above me.  I went back later to take his picture.  I was able to sneak up on him…a little bit.


 owl 004


This is one of several Great Horned Owls that seem to hang around here. 


owl 009


Yes, I did that…


owl 007


I have seen these guys in action before, he definitely did this.  It’s what one did to my chicken, Eleanor Roosevelt. a couple years ago.  Took her head right off.  This was a beautiful hawk. 


owl 006


I won’t forget those eyes.  I saw them up close and personal when one of these guys was after my chickens.  Ms. Kitty from Gunsmoke, Annie Oakley and Belle Starr will not be doing a walkabout today!

They did not go out that day but yesterday I let them out in the afternoon after checking the trees for the owl.  Bad idea!  After a couple of hours, I heard my girls having a fit in the front of the house and ran to the window and sure enough there was the owl!  He was huge (at least two and a half feet high) and there were chicken feathers all over.  I scared him away and gathered up the girls but couldn’t find Annie anywhere.  I kept calling her name but finally had to give up. 

Later I decided to see how the girls were doing in the coop.  Low and behold, there were all three girls, including Annie!  I was so relieved. Needless to say, the girls won’t be going out for a long long time.  Annie Oakley; smart chick, that she is; apparently pulled out her pistols, said ‘Back off, Buster’ and then headed straight home.  Yay! Good job, Ms. Oakley!

9/30/15 11am  Guess what?  Now there are two!  These are smaller ones (more medium sized) I believe. 


owls 001 


Weird seeing the head on the back of the body, huh?


  owls 003


Both sitting in the same tree.  The girls are just about 40 feet away, no wonder they are staying in the coop instead of the run today.  Smart girls.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Prosser Balloon Rally

Prosser Balloon Rally 076


It was a very exciting morning on Friday….up and out by 6 am to hit the sky in a beautiful balloon. 


Prosser Balloon Rally 081


Filling our balloon on the right. 


Prosser Balloon Rally 089 



Prosser Balloon Rally 097 




Prosser Balloon Rally 109


Aren’t they just beautiful?


Prosser Balloon Rally 121


Up we go!


Prosser Balloon Rally 126


Aren’t the colors amazing?


  Prosser Balloon Rally 173




Prosser Balloon Rally 179



 Prosser Balloon Rally 174




  Prosser Balloon Rally 183 


A little manual adjustment….



Prosser Balloon Rally 193


Breath taking view over the Yakima River. 


Prosser Balloon Rally 194 



Prosser Balloon Rally 212


Here is our campsite….lots of vintage trailer…36 to be exact.


 Prosser Balloon Rally 234


Landing on the airstrip….very softly.


Prosser Balloon Rally 237


Just loved the colors of our balloon!  I have so many more pictures….but I don’t want to bore you. 


Prosser Balloon Rally 226


Ok, just one more…landing…notice the red, white and blue balloon in the background…missed by a bit.





Monday, September 21, 2015

Karen’s Kamp II

KK 073 


Juli does a fabulous job at Autumn decorating right outside her cute vintage trailer.


KK 026 




KK 056


Sunrise at Karen’s Kamp.


KK 057




KK 065


Can you see those badges on the shutters?  Those can be earned through Sisters on the Fly….for accomplishments like learning to Kayak, hosting an event, smoking a cigar, camping in extreme weather…etc.  I love it.


KK 066


I love this Lo-Liner…kinda’ space age looking, huh?



KK 074


Sherry’s Fleetcraft is just about the cutest thing ever!  Don’t you just love the shape?


KK 081


Here’s that Linda’s Lo-Liner and my Shasta 1400 just as the sun is coming up on our beautiful weekend.


KK 118


Inside The Chicken Mansion….breakfast is ready.


KK 102


Thanks, Annie Oakley, Belle Starr and Ms. Kitty for the eggs!  The girls are very happy in the lovely home, sorry you can’t see the chandelier hanging above. 


Monday, September 14, 2015

Karen’s Kamp

KK 115


The weather was perfect, the food….divine, the company….even better! 


KK 023


The décor….the best!  Don’t you want to try one of those purses?  I did.


KK 026



KK 028


Camper Girl, Mignon.

 KK 032



 KK 033


I just love that each trailer has a different personality…just likes it’s owner.


 KK 035


Beautiful morning light.


KK 037


Such a beautiful pop of color!  This is a ‘71Shasta, I have a ‘69. 


KK 041


Coffee time for some early risers.


 KK 040



KK 044


Blue skies are here again…yay!  With all the smoke from the hug fires all around Washington and Idaho, these last few weeks have been tough on camping and our health.  It has been devastating on our beautiful forests and our brave firefighters have suffered immensely.


KK 012 



KK 024


KK 051

Sunrise at Karen’s Kamp.

  I’ll share more pictures later this week.  Have a good one!