Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fireside in Driving Ms. Daisy


new heater 003


Look what I got!  I took the table out, so I could put this infrared heater in just the right place.


 new heater 007


It sure opened up the trailer floor space.  No worries about setting anything on top of it….it doesn’t get even warm. 


new heater 008


It’s a blustery rainy day but I will be warm in my toasty trailer.  It has a remote; you can set the temp for what ever you want and for any period of time. 


new heater 001 


I’ve been cleaning out all the junk in the trailer, stuff I haven’t used in a long time.  I also took almost all of the Mexican stuff out.  I just wanted a different look for winter.

FYI…the storage door was revamped and I mounted it yesterday, so I am ready to hit the road again.  One last trip in WA, before  ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ heads to ID, for the winter.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wild Wednesday



Many of you might know from my profile, that I was a painting contractor in my pre-retired life.  That being said, I love color!  I painted way too many white walls in my day, inside and out to not want to make a real splash of color in my world.

 DSCN4586-001 (640x523)


Do any of you remember the Golden Books, The Color Kittens?  I think it left a big impression, ‘cause something happened to me…along the way.




 I found color!  Yay, for me.


yard and coop 017 (640x560)


Opps, I went back to white….well, just for some things, just to be different.  I like being different. 


Karen's Kristmas Kamp 044


And I think my girls do also.




But I’m not sure my family does….have a great week, I am heading out in that way to colorful trailer, for one last hurrah.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014


misc 004


I was having a conversation with my DSIL, Malachi, a few months back and I was kinda’ whining about all the stuff that would have to be dug through, when my Mom passes. 

And he just looked at me and laughed!  What? Your daughter, Tracy, was just saying the same thing……about you!  Opps!


So these last few weeks I have been on a mission to de-stash.  Let me tell you it is not that easy.  I have lived here nearly 20 years and I like to thrift and collect antique pottery (at least I did in the 80’s).  So I started with the pottery and I did sell some stuff on EBay.  More coming.


This week I started in the kitchen.  I have a grandson who will soon be moving out of the house and will need stuff for his new place.  I went through and pulled out all the stuff I never use anymore and ended up with two medium size piles.  Some of which my daughter is taking.  Yay!




Then I went through my jewelry…  So many little scraps of gold and silver.  No longer worn, or missing one earring, or not really in style anymore.  Off it goes to be sold at the jewelers.  I think they might even take a set of silver flatware, that I no longer use. 




Where shall I start next? 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just Another Walkabout

chix 031


Ms. Belle Star just loves to get out in the yard for a walkabout everyday.


 chix 034


Ms. Kitty, (Gunsmoke), in the foreground and Annie Oakley, doing what they do best. 

chix 036



chix 043



chix 044


I started out with six chickens…..and ended up with three girls and three boys!  Way too much testosterone!!


 chix 053


That’s right, mama!  Thanks, for finding new homes for those boys.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Swiftwater RV on the Salmon River in Idaho

sw 138


Just had to share a few more pictures of my recent trip in “Driving Ms. Daisy”, my 1969 Shasta 1400 trailer. 


sw 013 



sw 079 



sw 084 



sw 078


Love the Fall colors and isn’t it funny how they match my trailer? 


sw 077 



 sw 106


The view just outside my trailer, I think I could stay here forever.  At any rate, I will be here off and on this winter, as I will be taking DMD back to camp.


sw 108 


Even Dash had a good time.  He loves the long walks we take each morning.


sw 114


You can’t beat sitting down by the river…’s a great setting.

 sw 121



 sw 134


Aren’t these just the cutest? 


sw 141



sw 148 


Take a moment and sit right down.


sw 142 



sw 070


Of course, I had to hit White Bird Antiques, like I do every time! And look at the fun, very old purse I found.  It’s in great condition and was custom made probably in the 30’s or 40’s.  It was well used.  And I also had to have the little dandelion rake.  I also got a pair of cowboy boots.

  sw 135


Have a great weekend.