Friday, February 27, 2015

Floral Friday

salad 001



I’ve been doing a lot of puzzles over the last month or two.  I love doing them but leaning over is hard on my back.


 salad 004 


I am learning to step away, even as much as I am addicted, taking breaks to relieve my back. 


salad 006


I took a two day break last week to head down to Battle Ground, WA. to check out a trailer I saw on Craig’s List. 

It was a lovely drive along the Columbia Gorge with Mt. Hood in the background.  The weather was great, albeit a bit breezy (as it can belong the Columbia River) and I arrived at my destination in about 6 and a half hours. 

I couldn’t wait to see the trailer, so instead of going the following morning, I took a chance and went right away.  They were home and I got to see it right away.

I won’t go into details but just generally, the gentleman that had the trailer was apparently having trouble with the details on this trailer and contradicted himself many times over the week that I talked with him and when I arrived.  Three different weights, two different lengths and all the improvement just made….NOT.  So I learned a lesson.  Things are not always as they are represented.  It was disappointing but not everyone is totally honest…I guess I should know that.  Hummm.

I was staying the night in town and the only hotel had a pool and a hot tub, so I had a wonderful relaxing evening and a nice drive home.  Lessons learned….yes.  And I am ok with that. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chasing Away the Winter Blues



With all the fun color in my last post, I got inspired to show you how you could create some color in your home to get you by until Spring.




Doesn’t everyone have a stash of extra buttons? 




Camp inside….start early.  Use a vintage sheet, lots of pillows and your imagination. 

This looks super simple, a length of PVC and 1 x 2’s with a hole drilled out to fit the PVC, lay the sheet over the top and hook or tie it at the bottom.

You might find you have lots of company real soon.




Find a cozy spot around the firepit.




Give your tire cover a new Spring coat or…


country living fair 2011 025


..glamp up your suitcase for a road trip!


saved 20687


Or how about a colorful rug?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Please Bring on the Flowers…




I’m just dying for some color. 




I saw these trees (not so colorful in my world) on my recent road trip to check out a trailer.  It was about 13 hours round trip….but that’s another story.


flowers 002 


I know I should not complain, most of the country is having severe weather, we are not. 




But I need to create some color in my life.


flowers and Ms D 029


It’s easy to do in the Spring and Summer…I love my violets.  So easy to grow and they come back every year.




I am going to put flowers in some different containers this year….hummm.  Not sure about this one. 


flowers 003 (800x600)


So I think I will start today.  Off to get some blooms, just for me.  I’ll try and come up with a fun container.  See you soon, have a sunny day inside and out.


misc 012

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring Camping

mig's 030

It won’t be long now.  We are experiencing some rather fantastic weather this February.  This picture was taken last May.  Looking forward to this campout again this year.  Would you like to come along?