Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thoughts on a Thursday



It’s been a struggle this last week to wrap my head around what is happening to me.  I’ve been feeling down, stuffing my emotions and my mouth!  Having a life altering experience (like my stroke) has set me off in directions unknown.  Not a place that I handle very well.

At first, I embraced the positive aspects; being in the moment, really accepting others kindness and offers of help, their caring and good wishes…stuff that I have always blocked in the past.  Much of this was overwhelming but warmed my heart.

As much as I am concerned about another stroke, I can’t let it put my life on hold.  I need to embrace each day and make it as special, as I can.  I wont let this rule me!

I started back with half hour walks this week and I am doing ok.  I just got mad enough (Doctors not responding to my needs) to take things into my own hands.  Going back to my Naturopath, sharing my hospital tests, and hoping he can help me tomorrow….that’s my new plan.  Getting back to exercise which just simply frees my spirit…that’s my plan.  Seeing my therapist, to help heal me inside and out.  All good plans.  Oh, and I get some grand boy hugs this weekend…that is always part of any good plan!  I am on my way to healing!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Super Simple Sundays

Spots 011


I’ve collected McCoy pottery for years, I just love the texture and monochromatic beauty of these detailed pieces of art.  And the color….an old time favorite.  What’s in your garden?

Friday, March 20, 2015

First Day of Spring…

flamingo c-toon

Now if I could just do that!  I miss my vintage trailer…..’Driving Ms. Daisy’, she must be so lonely sitting down on the Salmon River, all by her lonesome.  I know she misses me, too. 
I won’t be able to go see her until I get this heart monitor off….that won’t be until April 10th…my birthday is the 11th, so it will come off the day before….a nice celebration!  If all goes well, I plan to go down the end of April.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Perfect Evening Light

sunset 004


We have had solid rain for two days and I have been loving it.  I guess it reminds me of growing up in Seattle.  I have been getting lots of rest, reading, napping, doing puzzles, drinking herbal teas….just healing my body.


  sunset 005


We haven’t seen the sun in awhile and when it broke out of the clouds, just at sunset….it was gorgeous.

 sunset 007


I wish these pictures could depict the real color and depth but it never does.


 sunset 011


My Red Twig Dogwood’s just lit up like Burning Bushes!

 sunset 014


All the while, the girls were settling down for the night, in the Chicken Mansion.